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Case Study: Improve The Performance Of Your IR Camera With Rosco’s IR Pass Filter

P7200 IR Pass Data Sheet

Case Study: Customized e-colour+ Filters Create A Giant Swatchbook In The Sky

Case Study: Illuminating Monsters On Stage In A Saturated Color Scheme

Case Study: Rosco OPTI-SCULPT Lenses – More Than Just A Frost

Rosco Diffusion Comparison

e-colour+ 2 inch Core Edge Marked Rolls Spec Sheet


Case Study: How Cinematographer Ed Wu Created “Hot Moonlight” For End Of The Road

Case Study: A New Tool For Comparing Diffusion Materials

Case Study: A Dramatic Mosaic Ceiling Created With Rosco Color Filters

Case Study: OPTI-SCULPT Lenses Provide Consistent Lobby Lighting For Immersive Van Gogh

Case Study: Portraits That Celebrate Black Cultural Identity Through Dynamic Lighting And Saturated Color

Case Study: Protecting Artifacts From UV Light

GamTube Installation Instructions