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Case Study: Punch Up Your Action Scene Lighting With Rosco DMG Lights

Case Study: Creating Ambience With Gobo Projections For Park Lighting

Case Study: Master Light Shaping With Gaffer John Roche and Rosco OPTI-SCULPT

How To Set Up A Chroma Key Studio With The Rosco Chroma System

Rosco Duètte Spec Sheet

Case Study: Creating An Underwater HOME For Phoebe The Flamingo at Tampa Airport

Case Study: How to Set Up A Chroma Key Studio With Rosco’s Chroma Key System

Case Study: Improve The Performance Of Your IR Camera With Rosco’s IR Pass Filter

P7200 IR Pass Data Sheet

DMG DASH Insert Kit

DMG Lighting Sales Sheet

DMG LION Data Sheet

DMG DASH Data Sheet

DMG DASH Octa Kit Data Sheet

Butterfly Egg Crate Video